Pequepon Magical Blocks

Pequepon Magical Blocks 1.0

Pequepon Magical Blocks is a very enjoyable and challenging game

Pequepon Magical Blocks is a very enjoyable and challenging game in which you need to strategically move the boxes with stars to the marked locations. Once you have moved all the boxes, a door will appear which will take you to the next level. To move the boxes, you just need to push the box with the adorable character and take it to the desired location. You should think your moves over very carefully, because if you make a wrong move and any box gets blocked, you may need to start all the level from scratch. At first, you won't have an Undo option, but as you play this option will be unlocked. However, this option will only revert the game to the last move you made.

The levels can be reset at any moment, so you can start them again once you realized you've made a wrong move. The levels can also be skipped or you can solve them, in case you give up finding the solution. The game includes lots of worlds with different levels, and it offers colorful 3D graphics, with lovely sounds and very pleasant music.

To sum up,I consider this game to be challenging and very enjoyable. Thus, you should give it a try.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Multiple worlds and levels
  • Adorable graphics and music
  • Challenging and enjoyable
  • Free


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